Oliver (UK)

My girlfriend and I spent 3 nights at Corvin Point, and it was absolutely fantastic. It’s situated in a characterful old residential building just outside the main centre of Budapest, which really makes you feel as though you’re experiencing the culture first-hand. Also, as the hostel is so small (only space for 36 I believe), the staff are incredibly attentive and helpful. (They allowed us to use the aircon free of charge (normally a small surcharge) on account of it being 40 degrees!) The living space is fantastic; there is a large communal kitchen where we spent a lot of time talking to other guests. It’s nice to find a hostel where you don’t necessarily have to stay in the room due to lack of space. The hostel is walking distance from almost everything in the centre, and is close to a metro station so anything not in walking distance can be reached easily. Perhaps the only downside was that the bathrooms were slightly dirty at times, but they did get a lot of use and were cleaned daily so that can probably be excused! Overall we had a fantastic time at Corvin Point; it’s a superb hostel in a superb city.